2012 Total Solar Eclipse from Palm Cove

On the morning of the 14th November 2012, my family and I were on the jetty at Palm Cove waiting for the eclipse. It had poured rain overnight, and had barely any sleep because my wife came down with a virus and had temperatures all night, but we got down to the jetty at 4:30am.

The clouds came over right after sunrise and we missed the early parts of the partial eclipse, and it got to the stage where we thought we’d miss the whole thing.

But 3 minutes before totality, the clouds cleared right where the sun was, and then the Moon covered the Sun.

Diamond Ring - Framed by Clouds

Diamond Ring – Framed by Clouds

It was a surreal experience – the sky got considerably darker in the minute or two before totality, then it was very dark, sort of like early twilight – we could see planets and stars and it got quite cool too.

Widefield during Totality

Widefield during Totality

The bright corona was extending out from the sun and it was amazing to see like a ring of fire in the sky. The crowds were cheering and hollering. I just get goose bumps recounting the story.

The diamond ring shot was captured with a Canon 40D, 400mm @ ISO400, f/5.6, 1/8000s exposure. Barely any processing – noise reduction and cropping. It looked great right off the camera.

I couldn’t setup where I wanted to, to get a better foreground so I was on the jetty with loads of other people who got in my way 🙂 Plus, the clouds ruined the chance of a sequence type shot anyway 🙂 I was happy to get what I did.

Below is a shot my wife took with her iPhone during Totality – I just love this one. You can see the smile on my face, and it hasn’t gone yet!

Mesmerised by the Eclipse

Mesmerised by the Eclipse

The last one is the setup I used – a Canon 40D with Sigma 400mm, and Canon 5D Mk 2 with 17-40mm lens.

Gear setup to capture the eclipse

Gear setup to capture the eclipse

I’ll be posting more eclipse images as well as more from our holiday. Thanks for looking!

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