6 Months Since Launch of MikeSalway.com.au

Hi all. While checking out the calendar on the weekend I just realised it’s been 6 months since this site, MikeSalway.com.au was launched. It’s been quite an experience so far. 

Having a personal blog site and image gallery has been great – a place to share my images, share my thoughts and learn some new technologies too. Getting more involved in blogging, WordPress, twitter, marketing and social media to help develop and grow this site has given me a lot of new ideas and experiences that will help me for the future.

I’ve had a lot of great feedback from people who have visited the site and have started to build up some regular traffic, from search engine traffic as the content builds up, as well as through subscribers, twitter, and referrals from other sites.

The graph below shows a graph of the daily visitors since the site was launched, and you can see that the trend is upwards – it’s heading in the right direction which is great. The huge spikes are from having my images published on APOD on the 5th December 2008 and 26th February 2009, and the smaller one between is when one of my posts went viral on StumbleUpon.

MikeSalway.com.au Visitor Stats

MikeSalway.com.au Visitor Stats

The most popular and most read posts have been:


My Equipment and Planetary Imaging Equipment pages have been very popular, as has visits direct to my gallery.

So what’s next? More of the same I guess. I’ll be continuing to do what works well:

  • Post my astrophotography and landscape photography, 
  • Feature images and highlight the work of great astrophotographers,
  • Write articles about upcoming celestial events
  • Share my personal highlights with you too, including karate, family and more.


I’m also happy to hear your ideas and suggestions on how I can make MikeSalway.com.au a better site. Please feel free to contact me or comment using the form below.

I’ll probably also work on a site redesign later in the year, maybe for the 1-year anniversary – we’ll see.. it’s a busy time of year in October with IISAC planning and execution.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading!

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