A Big Day as my Conjunction Photo makes APOD

The week started with some morning photography of the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars Conjunction, and got busier from there. My photos have received a great deal of positive feedback throughout the week for which I am really humbled and grateful.

Excitement peaked again yesterday as I was fortunate enough to have my image chosen to be Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) on the 26th February, which always brings a huge influx of visitors to the site.  Just over 24 hours later (since APOD published the picture), over 5,000 people have visited mikesalway.com.au, and the APOD link was also submitted to Digg where it now has over 1200 diggs.  

Whenever I submit an image for APOD, you always want it to be chosen and published, but neverexpect it. It’s always a thrill, and very exciting, to receive an email reply after so many times of receiving no reply 🙂

This makes my 5th image published on APOD, and interestingly, my first 2 APOD’s (#1, #2)were hi-res images of Jupiter, but my last 3 (#3, #4, #5) have been of conjunctions with nothing more than an entry level DSLR, a cheap Sigma lens and a tripod.

I do put a lot of effort into these shots and sometimes I’m planning them out days or weeks before hand. I guess I’ve been lucky to have captured these beautiful events with the sky putting on a special show. It is really nice, and really rewarding when the effort is recognised. It makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and given such great feedback on my photography.

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