A Failed Start to the Day

Well so far today hasn’t gotten off to the best start.

The Titan Transit occurred this morning – a very rare event which I was planning and hoping to capture, but after days of clear and hot skies, the southerly change came literally about 1 hour before the transit begun. So it was completely obscured by clouds. I haven’t seen any other reports or images yet but I’ll post here when I do.

Nevermind, can’t control the weather. I’ll try again at the next opportunity on February 24th.

Also this morning I attempted to upgrade my version of WordPress to 2.7 (the latest version), which has some cool new features such as threaded comments and a new admin interface – but unfortunately the upgrade failed. I started debugging through several files but gave up when the files became too large and too complex.

So I had to roll back and restore from the backups. The only positive news there, is that the backup/restore process has been tested and works fine! (phew!)

I’ll attempt another upgrade using a different process maybe tomorrow morning.. wish me luck!

One thing that didn’t fail was on Saturday – the Wedding Shoot! All went to plan, we had a great day. I’ll post more news about that and some pictures in the next few days or weeks. I took about 650 shots and have whittled them down to about 300 now, and will need to go through another round of culling before I attempt to process them!

I hope my luck for the rest of the day improves! Thanks for reading.

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