A Night in the Hunter Valley – all night Timelapse from IISAC2010

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On the weekend of the 7th-10th October, we held the IceInSpace AstroCamp (IISAC2010) at Lostock, in the Hunter Valley area of NSW.

Inspired by Phil Hart and Alex Cherney to do some timelapse, I set my camera up on the Saturday afternoon to catch the evening cloud movement with the hope of some clear skies at night. It was a bit of a risk, since we had cloudy skies and intermittent rain the previous nights, but the risk paid off and the skies cleared beautifully for about 6 hours.

This all night timelapse movie starts facing South, capturing a tree stump that I’ve seen at IISAC for the past 5 years and always wanted to use in a night sky scene. I went up to check the camera at about 11:40pm and saw Orion rising in the East, so I changed scene to capture Orion rising for the remainder of the night.

To watch the 2 min 15 sec video, take your choice of YouTube or Vimeo. They’re both 1920×1080 HD.

Read on for more settings and to see star trail images..

I collected the dew covered camera at 6am (still snapping away), but luckily the lens didn’t fog up until after it had been capturing bright white due to the long exposures.

Thanks to Phil Hart for loaning me his 12v Canon 40D power adapter that let me run in the field without power and without worrying about batteries!

Capture and Processing details:

  • Canon 40D, Sigma 17-70mm lens.
  • Day scene: Auto exposure (fixed f/2.8 focal ratio) @ISO100 with 5s between each image.
  • Night scenes: 25s exposure @ ISO1600 (f/2.8)
  • All captured in small jpeg. Timelapse made using virtual dub. Final movie made using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Star trail images from the timelapse are attached.

Beyond the Valley

Beyond the Valley

Star Trails due East

Star Trails due East

Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.

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