A Travelers Guide to the Planets – I'm Excited!

I’m very excited!

A month or so ago I was contacted by Essential Media, a production company who were putting together a series on the solar system and the planets for National Geographic.  They were after some video footage of what Saturn looks like through an amateur telescope, and of course I happily supplied the best footage I had! 🙂

Well the series is now finished and goes to air soon!

In the US the series title is A Travelers Guide to the Planets, and goes to air on the National Geographic Channel US on Feb 14th.

In Australia, it will be screened as Voyage to the Planets, shown by the ABC some time in May.

I found my name in the Saturn Credits page.

I’m very excited! I can’t wait to see how it looks on screen. I hope I didn’t end up on the cutting room floor 🙂

The video I sent them was this one taken back in January 2008, with my 12″ Newtonian on EQ6, with a DMK41AF02.

Below is the image produced from the R,G,B channels after processing.

Saturn with the DMK41AF02Thanks for looking.

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