Afternoon Delight

All it takes is a few minutes of the right light and it can make the day all worthwhile.

That’s what happened at Long Jetty on a sunset session at the end of October. It was my first photography session since my Kimberley trip and I was fortunate enough to end up at Long Jetty with a beautiful afternoon sky and calm water for a shot at one of the jetty’s.

The clouds had been fairly dull and lifeless but the Sun got to the right angle and they lit up, producing the light we were hoping for.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight. Purchase this print.

ISO400, f/11, 25mm, 1/30s exposure.

I also captured an 8-frame panorama. It’s such a beautiful spot to photograph.

Long Jetty Sunset Panorama

Long Jetty Sunset Panorama. Purchase this print.

And for this last one, I saw this couple walking along the jetty and waited until they stopped walking so I could capture their reflection in the water. Not everyone likes people in their landscape photography, but sometimes it can help tell a story or show scale. What do you think?

Conversation Point

Conversation Point

Thanks for looking!

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