Apologies for the Lack of New Posts

Hi all

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any news or images to post – sorry about that. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks both at work and at home.

Work has been flat out, as I’ve taken on new responsibilities since a colleague resigned, and trying to come up to speed with all the work he was doing and managing new staff has been very time consuming.

And at home, it’s been a very mixed bag. Unfortunately my Nan passed away last week (she was 82), and we had her funeral on Friday. So it was a very sad week.

My Nan on her wedding day (centre)

My Nan on her wedding day (centre)

My Nan about 2 years ago

My Nan about 2 years ago

Dealing with all of that has meant I just haven’t been in the right head-space for astronomy. My motivation is at an almost all-time low at the moment. The last 3 weeks has seen fairly reasonable weather, probably with 10 or more clear nights, but I haven’t been outside once.

The consistent terrible seeing from earlier in the year has tainted me and I just have no confidence that seeing conditions will be good. I need to find some enjoyment in astronomy again, getting together with friends and just having fun.

Hopefully IISAC2009 will be a turning point. Only 5 weeks to go, so not long to wait! I need to finish organising it! 🙂

Thanks for being patient – hopefully I’ll have some new images to post soon.


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