Astrovid Voyager X – Planetary Imaging Camera

My main passion in astrophotography is lunar and planetary imaging which I’ve been doing for a couple of years. One of the major factors in the quality of images that you can produce comes down to the capture device you use, and planetary imagers are always on the look out for new imaging devices which can deliver us even better images by having, for example, lower noise, higher sensitivity and faster frame rates.

For the past year I’d been using the DMK21AF04 from The Imaging Source. The DMK21AF04 is a monochrome camera, with a 640×480 resolution and capable of an uncompressed 30 frames per second (fps) through a firewire interface to the computer. My version is the older non-AS version – the current batch of DMK21AF04.AS cameras is capable of 60fps but all other specs are the same.

It was with much interest when in June 2007 I learned of the new Astrovid Voyager X planetary camera. Like the DMK, it’s a monochrome camera but with a larger format chip (1024×768) and delivering fast framerates over an uncompressed USB2 interface.

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Astrovid Voyager X – Planetary Imaging Camera

Written in November 2007.

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