Back on the Bike! Colour Saturated Full Moon.

My first astrophoto in a looong time! Like riding a bike? Not quite.. everything was slower – setting up, preparing, focus, settings, processing.. But here’s a Colour Saturated Full Moon taken with my ED80 and Canon 40D.

Saturated Colour Full Moon

Saturated Colour Full Moon

Everything was a bit of a struggle – I put the 12″ on later and even forgot how many counterweights I needed! 🙂

These photos were taken on Monday night 19th April, early in the evening so the full Moon was still quite low in the sky, and the seeing was pretty ordinary.

The last time I did a Colour Saturated Moon was back in June 2009, but back then it was at prime focus. This time I used my ED80 with 40D and 2x barlow (plus extension tubes to get it to focus). Unfortunately the Moon was bigger than the CMOS sensor, so I had to do a mosaic to get the whole moon.

I took about 58 frames each of the bottom section and top section, stacked them separately in Registax, joined them in AutoPano Pro and processed with Wavelets in Registax and then in Photoshop for saturation and contrast.

Here’s a version with the colour saturation turned down for a more natural view.

Full Moon

Full Moon

I used LiveView on the 40D to focus and also used EOS Utility to capture the images straight to the laptop. It’s the first time I’ve used LiveView in that way, it works well!

The coloured image shows the various types of iron and mineral deposits on the Moon.

All in all, I’m happy with my first effort back in what feels like about 18 months to 2 years! It’s inspired me to try again soon.

Thanks for looking.

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