Boab in Twilight

It was our second day staying at Home Valley Station, and after visiting a very dry Bindoola Falls, we went off the beaten track to a valley our guide called “New York Valley”. The road into the valley caused a bit of a struggle for our 4WD Truck, so we could tell this wasn’t your usual tourist destination.

Once into the valley, we drove for 5-10 minutes until we came to a patch of Boab trees, where we spent the rest of the afternoon photographing them from almost every conceivable angle.

These were the last 2 shots taken from the session; definitely a bit cliche with the Boab in Twilight, but who could resist 🙂 I would’ve liked to wait until deep twilight (and even night!) but the road was so treacherous that Cheryl was keen to get out of their while there still a small amount of light left. It’s a location I would LOVE to do some nightscapes and timelapses from one day.

Boab in Twilight

Boab in Twilight. Buy this Print.

Same tree, same angle, camera on its side 🙂

Boab in Twilight (Vertical)

Boab in Twilight (Vertical). Buy this Print.

Thanks for looking!


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