Bungle Bungles Star Trails

The Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park) was definitely one of the highlights of my Kimberley Photographic Tour. And what an amazing place at night!

After showing some of the tour group what I had photographed at night at Cape Leveque, quite a few were keen to join me when I had tried to arrange a night sky trip out to the Bungle Bungles.

Cheryl, our guide, was amazing and I’m so thankful to her for driving us back into the Bungle Bungles (a 30 minute drive from our camp) at 9pm at night so I could get the type of nightscape shots with the Bungle Bungles that I was after.

Bungle Bungles Star Trails

Bungle Bungles Star Trails. Buy this Print

We ended up with 8 of us out on Piccaninny Creek (including Ken Duncan) as I helped them master the correct settings of their DSLR to capture beautiful night sky images with the Bungle Bungles in the foreground. The whole group were so pleased with what they captured, and many of them still recall it as one of the highlights of the whole tour.

In this image, the Bungle Bungle beehive domes are lit by the setting crescent Moon in the West while the star trails show 30 minutes of the Earth’s rotation towards the South Celestial Pole.

Captured with a Canon 40D, 17-40mm lens @ 17mm, ISO1000, f/4, 30 x 1 minute exposures stacked using StarStax and processed in Photoshop CS5.

Thanks for looking!

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11 Responses to “Bungle Bungles Star Trails”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Nice shot! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Sue says:

    I love this shot…I was one of the lucky ones under the stars this night. It was a highlight of the trip for sure! But my all time favorite memory was when you taught me how to shoot the milky way with the red cliffs of Cape Leveque in the foreground. it opened up a whole new world for me! Thank you Mike, you’re an amazing photographer & teacher!

  3. Phil Hart says:

    this one i *really* like mike. beautiful image and subtle processing with nice star colours.

    it looks two exposures stacked? i haven’t tried it but you might like to try the startrails.de program which includes some gap filling trick now apparently?

    • Mike Salway says:

      Many thanks Phil!
      It’s about 30 exposures. The gap in the middle is because I had to change battery! *doh*
      I was as quick as I could be, but it still left a gap :)

      Thanks for the heads-up regarding startrails – I’ll have to have a look. I haven’t used it in ages because it hadn’t been updated.

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  5. Albert says:

    Wow, amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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