Busy Night (3 Events) at Jupiter Tonight! (27th July)

Tonight (27th July) is a very busy night on Jupiter with 3 events worth observing and imaging.

All times in AEST.

  1. The Wesley Impact Scar will be visible between about 10pm and midnight. It transits the CM at about 10:40pm.
  2. Also tonight, at 11:24pm (lasting for about 8 minutes), Io’s shadow eclipses Europa.
  3. Then later, at 12:14am (lasting for about 8 minutes), Io occults (passes in front of) Europa.

Io and Europa will be the two closest moons to Jupiter, to the West of the gas giant. You won’t be able miss them!

A very busy night worth staying up for. I’ll be out amongst it – skies will be clear, hoping for good seeing!

Good luck for steady seeing at your place!

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