Cape Leveque at Night

Out in the middle of nowhere, the sky is so dark. Perfect for night sky photography. The setting crescent Moon in the West lit up the red rock cliffs of the beautiful Cape Leveque as the Milky Way galaxy shone brightly overhead.

Cape Leveque at Night

Cape Leveque at Night

This photo was taken on night 3 of our Kimberley adventure, our last night at Cape Leveque before heading off early the next morning on our long drive to Fitzroy Crossing. I headed down to the western beach at around 10pm as the Moon was setting in the West. A reddish haze or thin cloud was visible in the long exposures, low on the horizon towards the south and west. On the back of the camera, it looked like aurora but I knew that just wasn’t possible given my latitude.

The image was captured with a 5D Mk 2, Samyang 14mm lens @ f/2.8, ISO3200, 30 second exposure. Processed in Photoshop.

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