Cape Leveque Milkyway Self Portrait at Night

These two shots are from our 2 night stay at the stunning Cape Leveque during my Kimberley Photographic tour.

The first shot is a self-portrait with the southern part of the milkyway setting into the Indian Ocean. It’s a 30 second exposure, so I had to try to stay completely still for 30 seconds 🙂 Not as easy as it seems!

The foreground is illuminated by the 50% Moon, setting in the West over the ocean (which I was staring at!).

Self Portrait Cape Leveque at Night

Self Portrait Cape Leveque at Night

The next shot was from night 2, and was taken just a few minutes after the brilliant shooting star blazed across the sky.

It was taken much earlier in the evening, before 7pm when the milky way was still rising.

Milky Way Rising at Cape Leveque

Milky Way Rising at Cape Leveque

In this shot you can see Sue’s camera setup on the bottom right of the picture. Sue was actually there too, but she moved around too much and so wasn’t captured during the 30s exposure, but her camera stayed put 🙂

Both shots taken with Canon 5D Mk II, 30 second exposures with a Samyang 14mm lens, f/2.8, ISO 3200.


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