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Hi all

With Christmas holidays and a week or more break just a day or two away, I figured it’s a good time to reflect on the past 2 months since was launched. I guess being a niche hobby to start with, and simply a personal blog/gallery site, I wasn’t really sure what to expect long-term.

It’s been a pretty good 2 months – I’ve had a lot of great feedback, I was featured on APOD (which brought a LOT of traffic here), I’ve sold a number of prints through RedBubble, and the list of ideas I want to write about is growing.

It’s always going to be a place for me to talk about myself and my experiences and share my images, but if other people can get some benefit, or learn something from it, then it’s done it’s job.

In other news, as a combined christmas/birthday gift I’ve just bought myself a 2nd hand Canon 20D DSLR! With 2 DSLR bodies now, i’ll be able to have one dedicated to be my astrophotography camera (and have it modded to allow more hydrogen-alpha response – more about that early next year), and the other dedicated to being my terrestrial photography camera.

Canon 20D (image from wikipedia)

Canon 20D (image from wikipedia)

I’m looking forward to receiving it when I come back from holidays and giving it a try, side by side, against the 350D.

Yesterday I received my copy of Deep Space Mysteries Astronomy 2009 Calendar which features my image of Comet McNaught on the January page and also featuring on the back cover! An image of mine from earlier this year of the Venus + Jupiter conjunction was also featured in the Astronomy Calendar 2009 by Astrovisuals (February page). It feels great to have an image featured in a calendar like this – it’s very rewarding to know that your work can reach many more people.

My family and I are off on holidays on Boxing Day, heading up to Stockton Beach just north of Newcastle for a week of camping. I hope to get at least a few opportunities to do some terrestrial photography and maybe some star trail shots. Hopefully i’ll have some new images to post when I return.

Thanks for your support and thanks for reading. Merry christmas to you and have a safe and happy holidays!

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