Colour Full Moon, September 2011

Who can resist a Full Moon? It’s been a few months since my last astrophotography effort, but I’m having fun with the Moon at the moment – it’s quick and easy and still high impact. So I went outside for September’s Full Moon (actually about 99% waning) and captured these images.

I used my ED80 and modded Canon 40D as with the April and May Full Moon’s, and also like those, I produced a colour saturated version and a black and white version – take your pick, it’s all personal taste 🙂

September Colour Full Moon

September Colour Full Moon

The Moon barely fits the DSLR field of view with the ED80 and 2x barlow/extension, so I capture in 2 lots – the top half and the bottom half (with enough overlap), process each separately, and then combine them using AutoPano Pro.

This time I captured about 70 images each, and stacked about 40 in Registax. The seeing wasn’t great but there was enough usable frames to give a sharp image.

I’m actually going to write a How-To for capturing and processing these colour saturated Moon images – so stay tuned. I took screenshots during my processing yesterday, so most of the work is done. I’ll hopefully have it live next week.

Here’s the black and white version for the purists 🙂

September Full Moon

September Full Moon

Only just over a month until IISAC2011 now, so I’ll have to use the September New Moon period to try capturing some timelapse or longer exposure images so I can be prepared for IISAC.

Thanks for looking, your comments or feedback are always welcome.


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