Colourful Reflections at the Bungle Bungles

I love the colours and reflections in this shot from the Bungle Bungles, in one of the few remaining pools of water that were left.Безопасные SEO эксперименты

Once the wet season is over, whatever water is lying around is soon evaporated by the constant daytime temps of 25-30deg even in the middle of winter. We were lucky that there was still just enough water for this shot. Another week or so after this, and it would be bone dry.

3 image pano, Canon 5D Mk2, 17-40mm lens @ 30mm, ISO1250, f/8, 1/200s exposures.

Thanks for looking. As always, prints and canvases are available – please get in touch if you’d like this on your wall.

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