Coming up to 2nd Dan Grading in Karate

A slight deviation from the normal nightscapes posts, but on a more personal level, time to give an update on how I’m going with Karate.

3 years ago, I was documenting my Journey to Black Belt on this blog. Now I’m just starting the 5-week Prep cycle to get us ready for my 2nd Dan grading, which is taking place on the 21st/22nd June 2013.

Breaking the Board during my Black Belt Grading

Breaking the Board during my Black Belt Grading 3 years ago

I’ve had a mixed year with Karate. In the 2nd half of last year, I had time off due to a broken nose (from Karate), I had time off due to a torn calf muscle (from a Karate tournament), time off due to the Kimberley trip, and as a consequence it meant I just didn’t have enough mat time and didn’t feel like I was ready to grade for 2nd Dan at the end of last year when I was actually due to.

I probably could’ve still gone and got through it fine, but I wanted to feel like I worked harder for it. So I deferred it 6 months, and it’s just about here now.

I’ve been getting my fitness up-to-scratch, running the 5km’s 2-3 times a week and feel good about my preparation this time around. I wish I still had more time on the mat, but I’m confident with the black belt Kata’s I need to know and my sparring and basics are good.

I can’t wait for the next step in this journey!

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