Dead Stump Panorama

This dead tree stump is one of my highlights of the landscape on the way to the IceInSpace AstroCamp at Lostock. It can be seen on the final hill approaching the camp, and I’ve always wanted to feature it in some nightscapes.

I took a timelapse from the stump in IISAC2010 with much more primitive nightscape gear than I have now, so I was pleased to feature it again in this ultrawide nightscape panorama with the Milky Way arching over the tree stump.

Dead Stump Panorama

Dead Stump Panorama

The panorama is made up of 22 images, 2 rows of 11 photos sweeping from left to right with the camera in portrait orientation. Each photo is a 30s exposure, f/2.8, ISO6400 with the Canon 6D and Samyang 14mm lens. The panorama was stitched using Microsoft ICE and then processed in Photoshop.

The stump is getting more and more fragile every year – I fear that it may not even be there for IISAC2014!

Thanks for looking.

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