December Full Moon 1 Hour Before the Lunar Eclipse

On Saturday night December 10th 2011, I was outside preparing to photograph the Total Lunar Eclipse which was due to take place in one hour – taking some test images, getting focus right, and testing the upload process as I was planning to supply images to SLOOH as part of their lunar eclipse event.

The seeing was absolutely fantastic, hardly any movement in the Moon and so I grabbed a quick 100 frames to produce this pre-eclipse Full Moon image. The actual Total Lunar Eclipse images of the Moon will come in the next few days 🙂

December Full Moon Before the Lunar Eclipse

December Full Moon Before the Lunar Eclipse

I used my Canon 40D pointing through my ED80 with a combination of extension tube and 2x barlow to just fit the Moon in the field of view. I was actually lucky, usually the Moon doesn’t fit in the FOV so I have to do a mosaic; but the Moon must’ve been at apogee so I was able to fit it on the CCD chip with literally a few pixels to spare at the top and bottom.

Here’s the colour saturated version, processed using the method in my tutorial.

Colour Saturated Pre-Eclipse Moon

Colour Saturated Pre-Eclipse Moon

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The image consists of 70 of the best 100 frames (1/250s exposure @ ISO400) stacked in Registax, and processed in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking.

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