Dooralong Star Trails – short and long exposure

The lone tree in the paddock provided a great silhouette against the night sky on a very dewey night out at country Dooralong, on the Central Coast of NSW.

On the 4th January 2013, my friend Jeremy and I scouted some locations around Dooralong to look for great spots for nightscapes. We found a paddock with an old dead tree and setup facing South, with one camera clicking away for star trails, and the other used for short exposure star shots from different angles.

Star trails can be done using one of two methods – short exposures stacked in post processing, or one long exposure. There are pros and cons to both methods, which I’ll write a separate blog post about – but what is your preferred method?

Dooralong Star Trails

Dooralong Star Trails

This first image above is the short-exposure stacked method. Each exposure was 30s, f/4, ISO1600 with the Canon 40D and 17-40mm lens. Stacked using StarStax.

Dooralong Star Trails

Dooralong Star Trails

The second image above is a single exposure of 15 minutes, same camera gear but at ISO800, f/7. I forgot to take a dark frame, so the image is filled with noise.

I do like the look of the single long exposure, but there’s more that can go wrong. Will elaborate more in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for looking!

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