Double Up

Another from the ‘Milky Way Rising behind the Trees’ set 😉

The dam we dubbed ‘Lake IISAC’ had less water in it than previous years, but there was still enough water to create some great reflections.

Double Up

Double Up, 24mm

Captured with a Canon 6D, 24mm lens @ f/2.8, ISO5000, 60s exposure tracked using the Polarie.

A non-tracked exposure was layered over the foreground to give a sharper line to the edge of the mountain and the bank of the dam (though I used the tracked layer for the trees).

I also captured a 50mm version, @ f/2.8, ISO6400, 30s exposure. The corners are a bit dodgy even at f/2.8 so this one doesn’t hold up as well to scrutiny.

Double Up

Double Up, 50mm

Thanks for looking.

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