Emu Rising With Green Airglow

The Emu rises over the ridge among green airglow, overlooking the beautiful rolling hills and stunning night sky at Lostock in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

I’ve wanted to capture this foreground in a nightscape for many many years, but it’s only this year that I’ve had the right equipment with the right sensitivity to be able to do it well. The location is a ridge about 10 minutes drive from the IISAC2013 camp, where I drive to get mobile reception during the days to check email, ring family etc. I’ve sat in the car and stared out at those mountains for years, and I’m so pleased to have been able to capture their beauty in a nightscape.

Emu Rising in Green Airglow

Emu Rising in Green Airglow

On this night, there was particular strong green airglow and the scattered clouds really added depth to the scene.

This image is a 3-frame panorama, cropped to a square format. Captured with a Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm lens, 30s exposures @ F2.8 ISO6400.

Prints and Canvases available for sale, please get in touch. Thanks for looking.

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