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Producing a high quality fine art framed print is very important to me. When you buy a print you want it to last, and that’s why I only use the best quality printers and framers to ensure your print lasts a lifetime.

Using quality materials and workflow costs more than your local printing lab, but the prints are highest-grade archival standards, and I check the print at each stage to ensure you get the highest-grade product.

If you order an unframed print, it’s printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper, which boasts superior colours and extended archival qualities. Each print is triple sprayed with a print guard to ensure any moisture and dust is kept off the print.

Framed prints are printed on Fuji Flex supergloss material resembles and feels more like super shiny plastic than traditional photographic paper and due to its polyester base, produces prints that are superbly smooth with a sharp, transparent finish. The reflective qualities make a Flex print shimmer and look 3 dimensional when viewed under lighting.

Colour Matching

Every computer monitor, tablet or laptop screen displays colours slightly differently, so the colour representation you see on screen should be used as a guide only.

The printers I use have fully calibrated displays so that the colours come out exactly as intended.

The best way to see the true colour, clarity and sharpness of these photos is as a fine art print – you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself.

Where do you get your printing and framing done?

I have chosen Created For Life printing and framing studio to do all my printing and framing.

They are known for their premium quality, and many professional photographers around Australia and the world (including Ken Duncan) use them for printing and framing their work.

Quality is important, and I won’t sacrifice on using high quality materials and workflow to ensure your print lasts a lifetime and looks absolutely sensational.

Can you print special sizes, or print on Canvas?

Sure, I’m happy to do any custom orders or print on stretched canvas.

Please just get in touch and let me know what you’re after and I’ll arrange a quote.

Print & Frame Sizes

Prints are available in the following sizes (measured across the longest edge):

  • 18″ – 46cm
  • 24″ – 61cm
  • 30″ – 76cm
  • 40″ – 101cm
  • 50″ – 127cm
  • 60″ – 152cm
  • 75″ – 190cm

Note: The size above is for the width of the print for landscape orientation photos. Height depends on the aspect ratio (3:2, 2:1, 3:1). For vertical prints, the size is for the height of the print.

Mat and frame usually add an additional 4″ (approx) around each side of the print.

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