Featured in Sky&Telescope's 10 Great Astrophotos of 2008!

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I received a very exciting early christmas present the other week – an email from Sean Walker, one of the editors of the US Sky&Telescope magazine and website, asking to use two of my images for his upcoming article on the Ten Great Astrophotos of 2008.

The article has now been published, and contains my feature image from the Smiley Face Conjunction on the 1st December 2008, and also one of my images of Jupiter with 3 red spots from May 2008.

Prints of these images and more are available through RedBubble, for those who might be interested.

The article sings the praises of the amateur astronomer and goes on to say:

Often unsung are the great strides that amateur astronomers make each year as they diligently photograph the heavens above. Far less attention is brought to the lonely practitioner of amateur astrophotography, who may spend weeks recording photons from distant galaxies, or scout for days to find the perfect foreground to compose an upcoming conjunction portrait. While a number of today’s astro-imagers operate their observatories from afar via the wonders of modern technology, producing a picture that rises above the rest requires talent above all, and that cannot be bought.

So while there have been thousands of excellent images submitted to our Gallery throughout 2008, I’ve chosen 10 that evoke a sense of wonder and mystery that I feel is the true calling of an amateur astronomer. I hope you agree.

Many thanks to Sean for considering my images worthy of featuring in his article. It’s a great honour to be presented amongst the other brilliant photos taken by legends such as Damian Peach, R. Jay GaBani, Ken Crawford and Rob Gendler

Read Sean’s article and see the other brilliant photos at Sky&Telescope.com.

I hope that 2009 provides me many more opportunities to capture brilliant astrophotos.

Thanks for reading.

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