First Karate Tournament for 2011 Coming Up

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This weekend, I’m competing in my first Karate tournament for 2011 – the NSW Karate Federation Sydney All Styles. What makes it scarier than usual, is it’ll be my first external competition as a Black Belt!

Sydney All Styles

Sydney All Styles

In the last Sydney All Styles tournament (March 2010), I won my Kyu grade division and had a great time – but competing with the black belts is going to be a whole new experience. I’m going to feel out of my comfort zone that’s for sure.

Apart from the Sydney All Styles this time last year, my only other tournament in 2010 was the BBMA Intramural tournament in September 2010 – so I’m a little out of tournament practise! I did well in the BBMA tournament though and just hope my form continues into Sunday.

I’m competing in the Kata (as a warmup) and the Kumite, Open < 70kg division. I’ll be hoping I can get someone to video it, so I hoping I can post the videos in the days after.

Team BBMA has a good contingent going, however with NAS on the same day our forces are split between the two. Speaking of BBMA – don’t forget to check out our new Black Belt Martial Arts Facebook page and click ‘Like’. I’m helping BBMA with their social media and online strategy, so the Facebook page is the first step. A new BBMA blog is on the way too – so keep an eye out.


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