Gosford Waterfront Timelapse

A couple of weeks ago, my son Jacob had to attend a school band thing at dusk for a couple of hours, and I thought while I waited for him, it would be a perfect chance to practise my timelapse again in preparation for IISAC2011.

It was also a good chance to test out the 10-22mm Canon lens that IceInSpace member Chris loaned me for IISAC.

Here’s the 30 second result. Watch the video in 720 or 1080HD on YouTube.

The keen observer will spot a couple of Iridium Flares near the end, just around the South Celestial Pole. You may need to replay just that part to see it again.

The star trails image from the set is below. You can see the Iridium Flares near the top left.

Gosford Waterfront Star Trails

Gosford Waterfront Star Trails

Technical details:

Canon 40D with 10-22mm lens @ 10mm. During the daylight, the camera was on AV, ISO160 and took an exposure every 10 seconds. At night, I used 30s exposures @ ISO1600 but it wasn’t dark for very long. Timelapse put together using Vegas Movie Studio, played back at 25fps. Star trails put together using startrails.de.

It was a beautiful evening, but got quite cold once the sun went down. I was hoping for a few more clouds in the sky to give some drama and action, but it was crystal clear 🙂

It was a great practise for IISAC as it reminded of a few things I needed to test and check out, including remembering how to use the intervalometer and making sure it has batteries! 🙂

Thanks for looking.

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