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Well it’s been a busy week! Starting with my Pictures of the Smiley Face Conjunction post from last week, which was linked on a number of blogs, and also Spaceweather, helped to kick-start a busy couple of days. It culminated in being featured on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on Friday, which also included being submitted on (almost 1000 diggs at time of writing). 

As a result of all that, the stats for my blog went through the roof. The homepage received over 4,100 visitors on Friday alone, and my Smiley Face Pictures post was viewed almost 5,000 times last week.

Thanks once again to everyone who took the time to contact me via email or by commenting on the post. All the kind words and positive encouragement has been quite humbling, and when I think that my picture has had such a positive impact on some people, it motivates me to keep going and to continue to try and reach people through my photography.

When I’ve shown my photography (both astrophotography and terrestrial photography) to family, friends or work colleagues, they’ve often said to me “Why aren’t you selling this stuff?”. It was great feedback to receive, but apart from sitting at a market stall all day on Saturdays, I didn’t know the best way to offer my photography for sale to people who really feel inspired by it – inspired enough for them to actually spend money and find a place to hang it on their wall.

Well thanks to some friends for putting me onto it, I’ve now found Red Bubble – a site where people can upload their artwork for display and/or for sale. I created an account last Thursday and uploaded some of favourite recent images.

The beauty of a site like Red Bubble, is that they take care of the ordering, printing, the framing and the postage and handling. I don’t need to worry about stock, or printing the right pictures, or printing the right sizes, or worrying about stock getting damaged, or sitting at a market stall every weekend.

So, if any of my photos move you enough to buy a card or a print, then you can now do that through my Red Bubble page. If there’s any images in my gallery that don’t appear on Red Bubble that you’d really like to get printed, then please just contact me and let me know.

One last bit of housekeeping – I’ve installed a “Related Posts” plugin for WordPress, so now when viewing a post, you’ll see a list of related entries based on the tags, category and other criteria. Hopefully this will help you to find other interesting articles or posts here on

Thanks for reading.

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