Iconic Stump and the Milky Way at Lostock

I really like this one.. For some reason I skipped over it on my first pass through my IISAC2013 photos, but found it today and here it is!

This view was captured next to the old iconic tree stump on the side of the road down to the Lostock Scout Camp, where IISAC2013 is held. It was first featured in a nightscape in my IISAC2010 timelapse, A Night in the Hunter Valley, and I was keen to do it justice with my new, more sensitive nightscape gear.

Iconic Stump at Lostock

Iconic Stump at Lostock

It also featured in the Dead Stump Panorama captured from the same spot on the same night.

The stump is decaying quickly now and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t exist come next IISAC.

Canon 6D, 14mm @ f/2.8, ISO6400, 30s exposure. Thanks for looking!

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