Incredible Photos of the Dorrigo Mountain Road Flood

Bellingen and Dorrigo have had some incredible rain lately, being flooded and blocked off both in February and April.

My mum lives in Bellingen and works in Coffs Harbour and sent me these pictures. I’m not sure who took them but they are just incredible so I thought I’m share them here.

Anyone who has driven from Bellingen up the mountain road to Dorrigo know what a drive it is. Both scary and amazing. A very windy road, very narrow in parts, but also beautiful – what a view and some great waterfalls along the way too.

Not sure how beautiful it would be to see this on your way up!

Dorrigo Mountain Road Cut Off

Dorrigo Mountain Road Cut Off

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Rushing Waterfall

Rushing Waterfall


Road Cutoff




Clearing the Debris


Clearing the Debris


Clearing the Debris


Damage and Debris

If you know the author of these photos, please let me know.

Thanks for looking.

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