Interview on NBN News

Yesterday, I got to meet Ken Duncan as we were both interviewed by the local NBN TV station about my winning photograph in the Ken Duncan Awards, and the prize trip out to the Kimberley’s with Ken.

It was great to finally meet Ken – he’s such a nice guy, really genuine and I’m looking forward to spending more time getting to know him and learn from him on our Kimberley Adventure.

I also met Ken’s assistant, Luke Peterson who, in a really weird twist, is the house mate of my neighbours son! haha small world 🙂 Luke is also very friendly and will no doubt have some amazing stories to tell of the last 2 years when he’s been assisting Ken.

Click on the image to watch the interview, or you can go to the the NBN site. Unfortunately they use WMV so I couldn’t provide it in any other format.

Interview for NBN

Interview for NBN

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