June Fitness Challenge Progress – 11 days in

Hi all

Time to give an update on my June Fitness Challenge. As a re-cap, some of the BBMA community are setting challenges during the month of June and getting others to join them – as a way to keep each other accountable and report your progress during the month to help each other reach their goals.

The three challenges I’m taking on are:

  1. 2000 pushups (for the whole month) – an average of 67 per day.
  2. 1500 slow kicks each leg (for the whole month) – an average of 50 per day
  3. 60 minutes in the “plank” position – note, this is not “planking”, it’s the abdominal/core exercise. I started this one a few days after the beginning of June.

My aim is to go beyond the goal if possible, and I’m also doing all of my daily exercises in a row and all together. That is, instead of doing 50 pushups in the morning and 50 in the afternoon, I’ll try and do all 100 at once (with whatever small breaks are required). It pushes me much harder and is going to be better for me.

For the kicks, I’m doing 20 slow front kicks, 20 slow side kicks, and 20 slow roundhouse kicks – alternating to the other leg after each set, and remembering to keep my knee up as high as possible, bringing my heel right back to my bum and locking out and holding for a second.

Same with the plank – I’m not doing 1 minute here, 1 minute there – I’m trying to do a minimum of 2 minutes each time, and if I want to go for longer, I’ll have a short break and do another 2 minutes.

So how am I going? Well I was going great. I was well ahead of schedule and enjoying the daily routine. It was starting to get challenging finding time some days, especially when I was travelling for work, but that was part of the goal – making the time and making sure I do it every day.

Fitness Challenge Progress

Fitness Challenge Progress

And then I got sick! I came down with a terrible head cold a few days ago (on the 8th) and my routine has been off since then. I’ve tried to do some when I’m not feeling terrible, but it’s been much harder when all I want to do is rest. Yesterday I did nothing!

I’m hoping I can get rid of this cold in the next few days and get back into the routine, but I’ll have some catching up to do, especially with the kicks and the plank.

I’ll report in again in about a week.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps to motivate others in their challenges.

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