Jupiter and Oval BA, and Venus in False Colour on May 9th

On Saturday morning 9th May we had a beautiful clear morning but only barely above average seeing. I captured Jupiter with Oval BA and the small white spot next to it, and before sunrise I turned my scope towards Venus for the first time this year, and captured the lovely crescent phase in UV light to reveal albedo markings on the cloud tops.

Jupiter and Oval BA

Jupiter and Oval BA

And below is Venus at around 6am local time, captured in UV and RGB. Venus is currently a 31% illuminated disc, and is shining stunningly bright at mag -4.5!

Venus in UV False Colour

Venus in UV False Colour

Please read on to find out more about the capture and processing.

Jupiter was captured with the normal RGB at 30fps, 1/30s exposure, max gain (except in Green channel where it was slightly reduced), and Gamma of 110. 500 frames from each channel were stacked in Registax, LR deconvolution in AstraImage and final adjustments in Photoshop.

For Venus, the Schuler UV filter allows photons at 365 nm to pass through, which reveal albedo features on the cloud tops of Venus. The UV filter, in combination with RGB was used to create this false colour image to highlight those cloud structures.

The UV channel was captured at 15fps (1/15s exposure), and the RGB was captured at 60fps (~1/650s exposure). 2000 frames in each channel were captured, and approx 500 were stacked.

To create the false colour composite, the UV channel was used as the luminance, and the colour was made up of R, R+UV/2, UV as RGB.

As Venus gets higher and the phase increases, hopefully more cloud detail will be captured next time.

Thanks for looking.

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