Jupiter and the NEB Outbreak

Another quite nice night on the 29th August, with the WSZ and NEB outbreak on display. The seeing improved as the session went along, however it was cut a little short just after meridian flip when the temperatures dropped suddenly and caused tube currents to distort the image. By the time I’d cooled the mirror again it would’ve been behind the tree, so it put an end to the session.

There were also a couple of nice pairings of the Galilean moons, with Ganymede and Callisto very close together on the West side of Jupiter, as were Io and Europa on the East side. I’ve got a few avi’s of those conjunctions which I’ll get around to processing in the next day or two.

12″ newt on EQ6, 5x powermate, DMK21AU04. 30fps for 55-60 seconds each channel. Approx 600-700 frames stacked in each channel.

The images are in reverse chronological order (the last image is from earlier in the night when the seeing wasn’t as good).

Thanks for looking.

[thumb:753:c:l=g] [thumb:754:c:l=g] [thumb:755:c:l=g]

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