Jupiter, Ganymede + Shadow, and Wesley Impact Scar

Last night started like every other – typically below average seeing, but instead of going back to bed, I waited it out – hoping it would get better. And it did!

The seeing peaked at 7 – 7.5/10, on a night when there was a fair bit going on. The GRS transited earlier, followed by the Wesley Impact Scar, along with Ganymede’s shadow and then Ganymede itself.

The image below is the first one I’ve finished processing, and is one of the last of the session. It shows the Wesley Impact Scar at top left, and Ganymede’s shadow and Ganymede on the right.

Jupiter, Ganymede and Shadow

Jupiter, Ganymede and Shadow

The “Bird Strike” has really elongated out over the past few days, as it gets torn by the jetstream.

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Ganymede shows significant real albedo features that match up to various simulators. The dark region on the low left is the “Galileo Region”, and the bright spot at the top is the “Osiris crater” and rays.

The simulation below (generated using NASA JPL Solar System Simulator) shows the same features as captured in my image.

Ganymede Simulation (NASA/JPL)

Ganymede Simulation (NASA/JPL)

Ganymede is 603,000 km away and is 1.8″ in diameter.

There’ll be more to come from this session, as I get time to finish processing it all!

Thanks for looking.

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