Jupiter, GRS and Ganymede Occultation

New images of Jupiter are always news-worthy, and this is no exception. I received an interesting link on the ALPO_Jupiter yahoo group the other day – it’s a pretty fascinating animation showing Ganymede being occulted by Jupiter.

Here’s a still from the movie:

(NASA, ESA and Erich Karkoschka - University of Arizona)

(NASA, ESA and Erich Karkoschka - University of Arizona)

Read on to see the animation and to see one of my own images taken just a couple of hours later after the Hubble image above!
The animation, created by Erich Karkoschka from the University of Arizona, consists of images taken by the Hubble space telescope in April, 2007.

Dr John Rogers, director of the BAA Jupiter Section and author of The Giant Planet Jupiter, commented:

It’s a splendid sequence (although of course the smoothness of the animation is artificial, and it’s an occultation not a transit!). In particular it’s a splendid view of the SED passing the GRS — with true green and purple colours in the SED’s great ‘white’ spot! You can also see the STB Remnant starting to pass the GRS.

Looking back through my old images, interestingly I found one taken on the same day as the Hubble image above, captured what looks like a few hours later as Ganymede came out from behind Jupiter and with the GRS having already set.

Jupiter with Ganymede coming out from behind Jupiter

Jupiter with Ganymede coming out from behind Jupiter

While my image doesn’t come close to what Hubble can deliver, it’s an interesting comparison none-the-less.

I’ve taken many images of Jupiter and Ganymede over the past few years, and here’s an old animation from 2006 showing a similar view.

The volcanic moon Io is coming in from the left and will pass behind Jupiter, and Ganymede is the moon coming out from behind Jupiter on the right. The GRS and Oval BA (Red Jr) can be seen transitting across the centre of Jupiter.


Thanks for looking.

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