Jupiter in Reasonable Seeing – 4th May 2009

I was out imaging Jupiter before work on Monday morning, hoping again for some better seeing as I finally got for my image 2 days before

Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations – it was really strange seeing. The detail was quite clear and steady and I could make out polar spots and dark storms during the raw capture, but localised bad seeing was causing a bad waving motion across Jupiter from West to East.

Jupiter, 3rd May ~1925 UT

Jupiter, 3rd May ~1925 UT

It settled down just enough to capture this image above in reasonable seeing just before I had to pack up to head off to work.

Continue reading for more info and an image by Anthony Wesley taken on the same morning.

I had an image from a bit over an hour earlier, but won’t bother to post it as it was taken at exactly the same time as Anthony Wesley‘s image, seen below. And his is much sharper than mine was 🙂

Jupiter by Anthony Wesley (1814 UT)

Jupiter by Anthony Wesley (1814 UT)

My image (the top one) was captured with my normal Planetary Imaging Equipment, captured at 30fps for 45 seconds in each channel.

450 frames from each channel were stacked in Registax, LR deconvolution in AstraImage, and processed for colour, saturation and contrast in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking.

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