Jupiter with the Wesley Impact Scar – 3rd August

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On the night of the 3rd August, what started as typically below average seeing, finally improved as the seeing reached a respectable almost 7/10 and gave some of my best views of Jupiter this year.

I was able to catch the 6th magnitude star 45 Cap in the same field of view as Europa and Io, which was a nice surprise.

Below is my best image from the night – the second last capture of the night. The seeing was improving nicely, but high cloud and then thick cloud brought my night to an end.

Jupiter with Wesley Impact Scar

Jupiter with Wesley Impact Scar

The Wesley Impact Scar can be seen on the upper left of the planet, just about to rotate off. There’s one more image from earlier in the session, when the impact scar was at mid transit. Continue reading for more.

It really has been a terrible year for high-res imaging. I can’t remember the last time I had a night of over 7/10 seeing – it must have been about July last year, over 12 months ago. The image below is typical of the seeing I’ve had this year – just barely good enough to bother capturing and processing, but ultimately very disappointing.

Jupiter and the Wesley Impact Scar

Jupiter and the Wesley Impact Scar

The images were taken with my usual Planetary Imaging Equipment, captured at 30fps for 40 seconds in each channel.

For the top image (in better seeing), about 650 frames from each channel were stacked for the final result. In the bottom image, about 350-400 were used.

Endless nights out in the cold, losing sleep and waiting for good conditions that never come, is what made me question my commitment to this hobby last year. I sure hope the conditions improve for me soon because those familiar feelings are creeping up on me again.

Just one great night will be enough to keep me going! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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