Jurassic Night by Moon

This panorama (cropped to 3:2) was captured during my recent trip to Coonabarabran in mid-September. I had originally captured 8 frames, but 3 of them were unusable because of blurriness – the gale force wind we had to deal with shook the tripod around a bit!
Lucky there was enough coverage to get a usable panorama in just the 5 remaining frames. The bright Moon was out of frame pretty much straight above my head – lighting the unique landscape.

The view of the landscape from the Siding Spring Observatory is out of this world, especially after the tragic fires earlier this year. The Warrumbungle Mountains look quite prehistoric, jurassic – especially with the burnt and regrowing foliage.

Jurassic Night by Moon

Jurassic Night by Moon

Venus is the brightest ‘start’ to the middle right of the sky.

Canon 6D, 14mm, ISO6400, 30s exposures, f/2.8. Stitched using Microsoft ICE and processed in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking!

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