Karate Update – Training and Competitions

I think it’s time for another update on my Journey to Black Belt with Karate.

Training is going well – at the moment my fitness training at Adcock Park has been pretty consistent, which I’m happy with considering there was a few weeks where I wasn’t able to train. I’m still only doing the run once a week and would like to increase it to twice a week, but I’m finding it difficult with time. I might need to take my jogging stuff to work and do it during my lunch break.

Training Progress on my Journey to Black Belt

Training Progress on my Journey to Black Belt

The screenshot above shows the progress of my training. Continue on to read more about my training for black belt, and about some upcoming competitions.

I spoke to Tesshi Josh on Tuesday night, and it’s confirmed that I will have to wait until December 2010 before I can grade to black belt. I actually go onto my brown belt (2nd Kyu) at next weeks graduation, but you have to be on brown for a year (6 months 2nd Kyu, 6 months 1st Kyu) – which takes me past the May 2010 black belt grading.

So at least now I can focus my training and know what dates I need to aim for. It gives me more time to prepare and to make sure I feel that I’m 100% ready.

In competition news, the National All Styles has their NAS Round 4 (for NSW) competition event on the 23rd of August – only 3 weeks away. NAS#3 was only 4 weeks ago so it feels like it’s coming around very fast. I hope to compete in NAS#4 – but I’ll need to check with the family.

Black Belt Martial Arts are also running an internal school competition event some time in September – with the usual sparring and kata events. I don’t know much more about it at this stage, but it should be great.

Black Belt Martial Arts

Black Belt Martial Arts

While competitive sparring isn’t for everyone, it does open up a whole new world for your training and adds a touch more realism to your ability to defend yourself, and attack, as a practising martial artist. Just seeing how you and your body react under pressure and how you deal with it – it’s a real eye opener when you first get into it.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. They’re currently looking to get AKF referee accreditation for their 2nd Kyu’s and above, so that they’ve got people to do the “official” duties on the day.

I’m really looking forward to it. Will post more news about it in the coming month(s).

Thanks for reading.

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