Looking Back in Time

This is probably my favourite shot of the past year. It’s a shot I’ve had in my minds eye for 12 months and finally at IISAC2014 I was able to pull it off!

I’ve called it “Looking Back in Time” – a nice play on words since we’re looking in the rear-vision mirror at the Milky Way galaxy – at light from stars which was emitted thousands or millions of years ago. We are literally looking back in time when we view the stars in our sky.

The Milky Way is in the mirror, and the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are in the top left. A car driving past at the right time helped provide some beautiful subtle foreground lighting.

Looking Back in Time

Looking Back in Time

The top version above is a composite containing an in-focus shot of the Milky Way in the mirror, taken directly after the rest of the shot. The stars in the mirror were out of focus and the vision I had of the photo, had them all in focus. So I masked the version of the in-focus stars over the top of the photo.

The original photo, the single exposure with the background in focus, is below. I don’t mind the stars out of focus in the mirror but in my minds eye, I created the shot above so I made the composite.

Looking Back in Time - alternate

Looking Back in Time – alternate

Both shots are a single 8s exposure at ISO12800, Canon 6D and 14-24mm lens.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for looking.

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