Milky Way Rising over Lostock Dam

On the Saturday night of the star party, Andrew Murrell and I went for a drive in search of interesting foregrounds and found this great scene at Lostock Dam, about 20 minutes drive from the camp.

There’s a nice picnic area there, but unfortunately also a bright spotlight from some of the buildings at the dam. We found that if we got right up close to the water we could block it by the trees on the left.

On a positive note, the spotlight gave a nice yellowy/brown hue to the trees which I like 🙂 There’s some nice green airglow on the left, the reflections in the water, and the clouds gave some interest in the sky too. All up, this is one of my favourites from IISAC2013 so far 🙂

Milky Way Rising over Lostock Dam

Milky Way Rising over Lostock Dam

It’s a 9-frame panorama, captured with the Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm, f/2.8, 30s exposures @ ISO6400. Stitched using Microsoft ICE then processed in Photoshop CS6.

Thanks for looking.


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