Milky Way Rising over Town Beach, Broome

It was our last night of the Kimberley adventure, and we’d gathered on the foreshore of Town Beach, Broome with hundreds or thousands of other people to watch the rising of the Full Moon over the mud flats, causing a ‘step’ effect in the reflections – so they call it ‘Staircase to the Moon’.

I’ve got shots of that coming later, but while waiting for the Moon to rise, I took the opportunity to capture some Milky Way shots as it rose over Town Beach with the low tide. The Full Moon rose literally minutes after this shot.

Milky Way Rising over Town Beach, Broome

Milky Way Rising over Town Beach, Broome

Captured with a 30 second exposure, ISO3200, f/2.8 with a Samyang 14mm lens and Canon 5D Mk 2.

There was also quite a bit of air traffic taking off and landing at the Broome airport nearby. The photo below is a combination of 2 shots of 30 seconds each, showing the trail of one of the planes that had just taken off, another trail of a plane in the distance and also a satellite trail. It was a busy air space! 🙂

The gap in the plane trail is the time it took to write the first photo to card and click away with the second exposure (2-3 seconds).

Milky Way and Planes over Town Beach, Broome

Busy Air Space over Town Beach, Broome

Thanks for looking!

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