Milky Way Timelapse from Home

This image and timelapse started as a test of my new Samyang 14mm lens, hooked up to the Canon 5D Mk II.

I love the lens – such as huge FOV on the full frame camera. Here’s a processed image from the timelapse where the Milky Way is between the trees (I need a chainsaw!).

Milky Way between the Trees

Milky Way between the Trees

Camera settings: ISO3200, 30s exposure, f/2.8 @ 14mm.

The timelapse is made from 309 exposures, processed in Lightroom and Sony Vegas. The lens fogged up a few times but it was good to get some practise in again.

Even with manual focus and manual aperture setting on the lens, it’s quite easy to use. I simply used liveview to focus on a bright star and locked the shutter on the intervalometer for 30s exposures. If you’re interested in how the Samyang performs near the edges, check out this full frame jpeg (15mb unprocessed).

And here’s the timelapse – best to watch in HD on YouTube or Vimeo to avoid the compression artifacts.

I’m really impressed with the lens and look forward to trying out some new photo opportunities with it.

Thanks for looking.

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