Mitchell Falls Moonrise

One of the most stunning places in our whole Kimberley adventure was Mitchell Falls. The scale of the falls is enormous – no picture can do it justice. The constant sound of the crashing water echoing through the gorge, the bright orange rock walls as the setting Sun blazed against them, and the stunning rising of the almost Full Moon gave me one of my fondest memories of the trip.

I hope what I’ve captured here evokes some of the same emotions in you as it did for me.

Mitchell Falls Moonrise

Mitchell Falls Moonrise. Buy this print.

The range in brightness to the naked eye was extremely difficult to capture in a single photo. After the sun had set, the bottom of the gorge was dark and yet the sky was still quite bright. To try and capture the scene I bracketed 3 exposures and created a HDR composite.

Canon 5D Mk 2, Samyang 14mm lens, ISO100, f/8. 1s exposure (average).

Thanks for looking!


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