Mitchell Falls Vertical

The vast expanse of Mitchell Falls meant that most of my shots were in landscape format, or wide panoramas trying to capture the rocks and the whole scene. But one of my friends asked for some vertical compositions so he could buy a print, so I created these great 2:1 verticals of the majestic Mitchell Falls.

I couldn’t choose a favourite between these first two, so I put out the call on Facebook, and after over 250 votes – the winner was B, just..  139 to 121. However people liked the colour and vibrancy of A – so I added some more orange and darkened the sky and trees to make B a clear winner.

Mitchell Falls Vertical B

Mitchell Falls Vertical B. Buy this print.

People loved A as well, but there was too much empty sky. So I cropped some off the sky and darkened it a little too, so it didn’t look so grey and washed out.

Mitchell Falls Vertical A

Mitchell Falls Vertical A. Buy this print.

This last one is for my friend Matt, who purchased this one to be a pair with the Somersby Falls vertical he bought earlier this year.

Mitchell Falls Vertical C

Mitchell Falls Vertical C

Thanks for looking!

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