National All Styles Tournament Coming Up

On the 28th June, the National All Styles round 3 tournament is being held at Ryde, NSW.

National All Styles

National All Styles

I competed in Round 1 of the NAS tournament back in February, which was a lot of fun and an excellent learning experience – but I haven’t competed since then. There’s been a few other tournaments that have come and gone that I wasn’t able to enter due to conflicts on my social calendar! 🙂

So I’m really looking forward to this one, and plan on competing in the Continuous Sparring, Point Sparring and Kata. It will be made more interesting by the fact that this time I have to compete in the higher grades (3rd Kyu – 1st Kyu), instead of the Intermediate grade (as I’m now 3rd Kyu).

Hopefully I can get a few pictures and videos of my events, and you can be sure I’ll post the results afterwards.

A short update on my Journey to Black Belt training – on Saturday morning I went to Adcock Park to do the run, followed by the pushups, situps and squat kicks. Adcock Park is the venue where the actual black belt grading takes place (the fitness component, that is).

It’s 3 laps around the track that goes around the outside of the park, which apparently totals 5.4km. I ran it in 23:40!! So I took 2 minutes off my previous best time, on a track that’s longer than what i’ve been running at home. I put it down to 2 things:

  1. A flatter track at Adcock Park (there’s a few big hills where I run at home)
  2. Focus and Motivation

I did push myself harder, so I’m really happy with the time.

Apparently during the black belt grading, you don’t get any recovery time before having to jump straight into the pushups/situps/squat kicks – so I need to start working on that and eliminate the 1-2 minute rest I’m taking after my run. One strategy a few people use is to run the first 2 laps fast and coast the 3rd lap, so you can recover during that last lap (even walking for half the last lap). I’ll have to try that.

Thanks for reading.

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