Nightscape Adventures in Coona and Narrabri

In September 2013, my friend Andrew and I went on a Nightscape Adventure weekend to Coonabarabran and Narrabri. This timelapse is the culmination of the weekends efforts, in what was an incredibly memorable weekend at some amazing landscapes under some beautiful North Western NSW skies.

Watch in HD on Vimeo (recommended), or watch embedded below:

Cameras used: Canon 6D, Canon 5D Mark 2 (x2)
Lenses used: Samyang 14mm, Nikon 14-24mm, Canon 24-70mm.

Vixen Polarie used for panning in some of the sequences.
Music: Long Way by DJ Rostej

Processed in LRTimelapse and Lightroom. I used PhotoPills to plan some of the sequences so I knew where the Sun and Moon would be setting.

We spent one night at Coonabarabran, at the Anglo-Australian Observatory, capturing nightscapes overlooking the amazing jurassic-style landscape, still recovering from the fires the previous year. High wind and incoming cloud caused an earlier ending to our plans there.

The next day we headed to Narrabri, to the ATCA (Australian Telescope Compact Array). The weather was absolutely perfect – clear skies all night, no dew, and once the Moon set at 2am some amazing dark skies. The radio dishes were a perfect foreground for timelapses and nightscapes.

Ideally we would’ve liked to have gone on a new moon weekend, but we just couldn’t get away – so we had a bright Moon overhead until about 2am each night.

This is probably my best timelapse so far – it’s still not perfect, a few things I would’ve liked to improve – but I’m still learning and getting better with each one.

Thanks for looking!

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