Partial Solar Eclipse – 10th May 2013

We had a beautiful morning for the Partial Solar Eclipse on the Central Coast of NSW. While there was nowhere near the excitement of the Total Solar Eclipse last November, it was still a great visual sight using Eclipse Glasses.

The path of the Annular Solar Eclipse was over the centre of Australia and up into Far North Queensland, and I couldn’t travel for this one so I resigned myself to a few snaps from home where we experienced a 39% partial – the Moon covered 39% of the Sun.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse

Without eclipse glasses you just wouldn’t have noticed any difference – the Sun is so bright that even with the Moon blocking 40% of it, there was no noticeable dip in brightness.

I used my Canon 6D, Sigma 120-400mm lens @ 400mm fitted with a white-light solar filter. Capture settings: f/10, ISO100, 1/250s exposure. You can even see a couple of sunspots towards the top of the Sun.

The photo below is my gear used for capture.

Capturing the Partial Solar Eclipse

Capturing the Partial Solar Eclipse

Thanks for looking!

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